Mosaic Music Distribution

Make The Music We Love Reach People Around World.

The curatorship of Mosaic Music Distribution is ninety percent of our work and we are very proud of it

About Us

Mosaic Music Distribution

A small company with a very clear principle: We want to make the music we love reach the biggest amount of people in the world as humanly possible. The curatorship of Mosaic Music Distribution is ninety percent of our work and we are very proud of it. In our way of seeing things, this job can be done with a purely commercial intention and distribute the music that sells the most, maximizing earnings, or it can be done with a different approach, trying to be the missing link between awesome new artists and the potential listeners.

We Believe

Music Makes People´s Lives Better

There´s an audience out there hungry of new music while there are no promoters, distributors or radio stations that will do anything to bring the two together. We set out to be that link and make sure that the music that is created today can be heard today. If it is done right, the curatorship job can have amazing results because you can turn your company into a source of knowledge for all the people interested in listening new great and unknown bands.

Read on and open Spotify

Follow Artists, Listen To Their Music, Watch Them Perform

Doing that kind of work the right way takes a lot of time and it is not an easy thing to do. It is easier now than it was before because with the internet you can follow artists, listen to their music, watch them perform, experience their esthetic and then make a decision. Back in the old days, it used to be different; we would go chasing bands from bar to bar and then doing small interviews to see which were their dreams and their willingness to work hard for success. We have seen so many great artists with no work ethics or discipline that ended up being just another failed project that we assess it on new bands before signing contracts.

No rules in the music

Trust Us To Be Your Music-Discovery Platform

While there are no rules in the music market, we believe that with enough knowledge and experience we can be able to predict the public taste for popular music in the near future and get there before all competition does. We work really hard to bring something extra to our customers; we want to be the first to give them the music of the next big pop hit. That is not an easy task, regardless of what it might sound like, because trends analysis takes a lot of quality time and personnel to hunt for the best artists online. We go that far, we give the extra step, we run the extra mile so our clients know that they will be the first to know of a hit song or artist.

We are happy with the results of our hard work and our clients know that they can trust us to be their music-discovery platform. Sure, you can use Spotify and surf its almost 20 million songs or you can trust us to discover the hidden treasures for you and make your life a little better.


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