France is well known for its diverse genre of music. The place is known for appreciating different styles that would reflect the lifestyle of the French people. There was constant growth in the various genres of French music as they became quite famous in the global front.


French Love: SisLovesMe

Sis Loves Me - Step Sisters Series

Sis Loves Me – Step Sisters Series

Start your french journey with something funny – SisLovesMe series, where step sisters are having sex with step brothers. Well, you could be shocked if it wasn’t coming from France – the capital of everything that’s taboo. Sis Loves Me takes it on totally new level and step siblings fun is serious there. With 200 scenarios in video form you are surely going to spend some time with these frisky step sisters 🙂

French Classical Music

This is the oldest type of French music to exit. This genre of music is well renowned for its typical Galli romance. Some of the great composers who brought fame to this genre include Machaut, Poulenc, Faure, and Debussy. The wonderful music composed by these legends is still famous even today. This genre of music began with the holy music from the Roman Catholic Church. The French classical styles have an identifiable national character and include the genre of instrumental, vocal music and sacred.


French Hip-Hop Music

This is a favorite music genre of the modern Franch. French youth are totally attracted to this genre of music. The growth was such that hip-hop music from France became famous all over the world and inspired many musicians. Plenty of talented French hip-hop artist came from the deprived areas of the huge cities in France. The song by the hip-hop artists was often based on the lifestyle, racism, sexual discrimination and also about the inequality of life. Some of the renowned hip-hop artist in France are Aaron, Alizee and Salvatore Adamo. These people have inspired many others to take up this genre of French music.

French Folk Music

Many people enjoy the French Folk Music as it totally highlights the traditions of the various regions in France. Brittany, Limousin, Corsica are the few regions which encouraged the growth of French Music. The growth of this genre of French music is such that it now has a very established place in the global front. Some of the famous French folk music artists include Bark Cat Bark, Malicorne, Pollyanna and Gabriel Yacoub. These people have released many inspiring folk music albums that highlight the tradition and culture of France.

French Pop Music

This genre of French music started in the early 1930s. The growth of this genre of music was steady and progressing. Some of the artists who worked with passion towards this genre include Charles Trenet, Maurice Chevalier. Initially, this genre of music was very much influenced by American rock and roll. Through the music genre, Chanson was considered different, in the late stages, it got combined well with pop music. Many people started to adore this genre, as it was completely new, involved new instruments and influences like jazz or tango. The French pop has a very elegant and refined sound.

French Rock Music

This is a very popular music genre in France. It started gaining popularity in the 1970s as many bands started performing to the people of France.  Some of the progressive French rock music bands include Ange, Pulsar, Magma, and Eskaton. These rock music bands are so unique that people started loving the concerts conducted by them. The rock music had lyrics with in-depth meaning that people could connect well. In the course of time, many youngsters started to believe rock music as a serious career and started to create their own rock music bands.

The biggest highlight of French Music was that people were always very encouraging. People were open to welcoming new styles of music that would reflect the tradition and culture of France. All these genres of music have made France stand high when it comes to diverse music.