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What would you do if you had the freedom to do whatever you wanted? It is both a terrifying and beautiful question to ask oneself. This is the path of Jérémy, also known as Møme. He has been touring non-stop and making music alone or with other musicians for most of his life and applied the technical knowledge he got from his academic music background to the new sounds of Chill-Wave. Read on and find out why is Møme different than all other DJs you know about.

Taking A Trip To Open The Mind

After formal music training at the prestigious Nice Conservatory, Jérémy Souillart was playing the guitar at a rock band when he suddenly fell in love with the more contemporary sounds of the Australian Chill-Wave. There are many clear and very famous artists dedicating to that genre including Chet Faker, and Flume among many others. His skills on piano, guitar and musical arrangements opened for him a new window in this world. His compositions have a different reach because they involve real instruments which give the tracks a very relaxed and natural feel.

Møme transformed his van into a rolling studio and whenever he is not surfing, he is composing new music and moving around playing gigs all over the Australian coast. This method of breaking out from his European comfort zone and being in constant movement has proved to be very fruitful for him. Most of the singers featured on his tracks are musicians he met while on the road and also while gigging in different spots of the country all the time.


His hit single Aloha opened the mainstream world for him in his home country: France. It is a dance-oriented song that borrows elements from various styles and mixes them up in a Summer-ready anthem that appealed to various millions in his homeland as well as around the world. The video has over 34 million views and the single peaked at number one at the French Belgium chart of non-album singles.

The song features Australian singer Merryn Jeann. She was born in Byron Bay but now resides in Paris where she plays and lives. Although there is a huge difference of Facebook followers between them (Møme has over 63 thousand and Merryn just a little over 4,000), the track works great. As a song it claims the throne of Summer hit and is ready to blast out of the speakers of any given pool or beach party.

The Future

The Chill-Wave sound that his music has makes him a different artist than others in his country. Although he shares some of the biggest electronica festivals in the world with French-speaking pairs, he is regarded as the future of his generation because Chill-Wave might be the future of electronic music. Møme is a very young artist with a bright future ahead of him, just like Stromae, Christine and the Queens and many others. The future of French-spoken music is in good hands.