This young artist has a lot to tell the world about the boundaries in our own minds. She started out being a musician and then expanded wildly to create a universe of her own. Under her artistic alias, she is one of the hottest acts in French music today. Drawing from video, theatre, music, drawings, photography and performance she has managed to put out a voice of her own with only thirty years of age. Read on to find out about this ground-breaking newcomer to the French musical scene.

A Trip To London That Changed Her Life

It was year 2010 and she made a trip to London where she saw the drag queen scene. She was amazed at how they could personify all those characters on stage and that lit her spark. Although she just attended the concerts of the drag scene as a spectator, she became friends with some of the people she met on the trip including Rusella, who would later accompany her on some of her first shows.

She put together a band and called them “Queens” dedicating much of her art to the transgender community all around the world. She got received with critical acclaim by them and by year 2014 declared herself as a pansexual person (someone who loves people regardless or beyond genre) and her music style as freak pop. Her live performances, message, lyric content and accompanying band are all related to her statements of a gender-free world, and consciousness.

Christine Universe

With her gender-less stage persona and her intricate choreographies, she personifies that thin red line that divides male from female. The Glastonbury 2016 show was a great example of this having an all-male band and herself dressing as one with her long hair. All the band members have, acted or not, feminine postures and reactions. This layout and ambivalence makes the audience enter a different universe, Christine´s one, where gender is not important.

On other appearances on TV or on stage, her shows are usually flooded with high-tech lightning and sometimes smoke trying to emulate a French discotheque where she dances and sings non-stop. Her accompanying dancers are always male and dress in a code with her. She often wears male suits of shiny colors and wears her hair up. With the dancing, the songs, the singing, the lyrics and the looks, she can really make you believe there are no boundaries to pop music, art and gender.

Chris, The New Record

With her hair short, some more masculine clothes and a renewed sound, her new album is announced for September 21st of 2018 and promises to be “sweaty” and ready for the dance floor. As any theatrical musician (we can think of David Bowie), every new visual statement is as strong, or even stronger than the last. Be ready to dance, sweat, have fun and forget about the real world.