It is no news to say that Electronica steps strongly in the entire world and France is no exception. The strong beats, deep bass drums and synthesized instruments blend very well with the French accent and the result is ground-breaking beats ready for any dance floor in the world. This is the Top 5 artists we think you should hear today.

Birdy Nam Nam

This is a DJ crew that borrowed its name from the utterly famous movie The Party by Peter Sellers. They released a self-titled album by year 2006 and went on to play SXSW festival but it was on 2012 that Skrillex brought attention over them making a remix of one of their tracks. That boosted notoriety, publicity and exposure exponentially. The rest shall be Billboard history.

General Elektriks

It´s about time to get weird and this piano-virtuoso is the golden ticket to weirdo-land. The group is the creation of Hervé Salters and while they are not new (have been around since 1999), it is important to discover their sound. This is old school electronica made with no computers, vintage keyboards and drum machines. Their songs have great hooks, choruses and a funky beat that will get you on your feet.


Electronica, pop, hip hop and world music are the different flavors that this talented duo brings to each composition. They released some hit tracks on both their albums Stendhal Syndrome (2012) and Convergence (2015). They have tight bases, clever melodies and dance-floor oriented grooves.


Better known for their Lucky Star release in the 2000s, they have managed to reinvent themselves and get back in the air with their infectious new single Bangalter. It is homage to half of Daft Punk and a great addition to French electronic music.


The newest collaboration of this legendary artist with singer Sôra called Step by Step is a definite must