This is a Pop music ranking where you will find the hottest artists of the moment. Although French language is not among the most spoken around the world, there´s something classy and romantic about the pronunciation and the cadence that still makes it appealing and seductive. Here are the news, or better said, the nouvelles. Read on and open Spotify on a new tab, you´re going to want to dive right in. French music is more alive than ever.

Maître Gims

Born in the Congo, this artist is one of the most important of the list. He is an ex rapper and an ex comic illustrator who decided to go all-in to singing his own music. He wasn´t wrong in the leap of faith at all and his debut album Subliminal (2013) sold over a million copies and was certified as diamond. He began singing at Hip Hop group Sexion d´Assaut while he was at college and gave life to the characters in Au Coeur du Vortex which means “In the heart of the vortex” in between rapping and singing. He featured huge artists of the genre as Pitbull and Sia on his recordings. If you´re into this music style, you should really check him out.


This young artist has won her reputation in several fields and has a promising career in front of her. It all started rather tragically because she is an orphan after losing both her parents at age 17. She casted and made it into the French version of The Voice and although she didn´t win, she made all four chairs turn and was coached and then scouted into the movie La Familie Bélier in the role of Paula, a teenager. That movie made her win a César award which is the French version of the Oscars in 2014. By March 2015 her debut album was out and it received five stars in many specialized media. Her hour-long debut opened the doors for national and international success. Her upbeat, happy melodies will make you sing and dance all alone at home or while commuting to work. If you want colorful music, Louane is your best pick.

Cléa Vincent

This is more of a retro take on hip hop and modern discotheque-oriented music. With old synthesizers and an effortless voice that makes her sound relaxed and inviting, this young artist has forged a path of her own. She is also a member of Garçons with Zaza Fournier and Carmen Vega. If you´re in the mood for some time-travelling smiley music, check out Retiens mon désir, her debut album and we guarantee you´ll be dancing on your spot and tapping your feet to the floor in no time.

Burning Peacocks

Although they sing in English, this French band has a very well-deserved spot on this list. Alma Jodorowsky is the granddaughter of the world-famous Chilean director and author. This is not a minor detail since the entire esthetics of the band is related to the noir element of movies. There´s a Lynchean atmosphere to them and their debut record was produced by no other than Jean-Benoît Duckel, member of Air. Alma is an actress and also a model, but her main focus is music.

Laure Briard

Another very peculiar artist, Laure Briard is completely one-of-a-kind in many aspects. She claims to be a free spirit wandering around and dedicated completely to doing what she pleases. Her music is often sang in English or French alike (she´s from Toulouse) and is a great mix of story-telling with variété and pop music. Her first EP was recorded by the drummer of the Australian band Tame Impala, Julien Barbagallo and came out through Burger Records (indie crème de la crème). She then signed with the same label that Cléa Vincent did, called Midnight Special Records. If you´re in for some odd indie music, give her a try.


You must surely heard her performance of the song Je Vieux while on board of a boat and playing trumpet with her mouth with only a couple of musicians. She is a little older than the other artists on the list and also mixes flavors from different styles of old-school music made with wooden instruments. She comes from an academic background and her music echoes a lot on it. She started going t the Conservatoire de Tours at age 5 and stayed in class until she was 11. She learned music theory as well as guitar, piano and violin. Many years later, she is still very alive in the scene and making music that´s not like any other artist in this list. If you want to relax and listen to a great voice, Zaz is a great choice.

Black M

Black M is, without a shadow of a doubt, another rapping star. He got a smash hit on 2015 called Sur ma route and gained an incredible amount of popularity. He raps and sings over infectious grooves that remind you to the best version of some of the most acclaimed American rappers. If you want to party and move your head all night long, Black M is not going to disappoint you at all.